Rain:My hero,my villain.

Hey munchkins!

So remember I said I have school tomorrow……. Well guess what.. It was rainin from yesterday night continuously… So all schools have declared holiday today.YIPPEEE,and there is more..according to the news the rain will continue for the next four days…!!!!!!

So I was all boosted up by the situation,and asked my mom to take me to the Mall,but here comes the ultimate fear of my dreams…. My mom said….. No! Just becos it was raining outside,she thinks something deadly might happen *-* . Okay May be she is right… U know it is quite a heavy rain, ย also it’s a long drive from my house……OKAY FINE,she is actual right with her advice…. I loose. So now, as you can guess I am chillin in my house.. Posting my mindless thoughts over here,wait… If I am mindless how can I think,FACT.Ahh I can’t believe you yes you read till here…or may be u just skipped reading in the middle,anyhow thnks for that,and bearing my blah blah’s.

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so till my next post,go grab Nuetella( I have no whatsoever idea whether the spelling is correct or not) and party

Till the buh bye


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