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Now please don’t blame me for not posting for so long, I said in my before post that I won’t be posting for a few days.. remember ?!!! so yeah I AM BACK … YAYAY!!!!! WHO IS HAPPY… no one.. -.-

anyhow I have a “opinion” to share with you all as lately I have seen many people doing that on others works of lately…

So basically there is this Indian music composer Anirudh Ravichander , he makes awesome music and I am a big fan.. two days back he released a new single which is very cool.. but people over reacted on the bad words used in the song and started making their opinions and judging him and telling he is setting a bad example for his fans… I mean what the… it isn’t like if he doesn’t sing that word no one is going to know it… first of all the lyrics aren’t aimed at anyone.. it just means no one has the right to say anything bad about my music… but how ironically people are actually doing that -.- they just don’t seem to understand it.. just by hearing one word and reaction doesn’t make sense , if the whole sentence was wrong at least i would have agreed..

I seriously don’t care how many people are against that song, but me being a true music lover think that there is nothing wrong with it… So Anirudh remember people who are speaking rubbish about your music… don’t understand music.

so people I strongly recommend you before making opinions getting your facts right

that is it for now

buh bye

take care

from the not so


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