Let’s talk: who I am and why I’m here |purrfectgirl


Yeah, so this is my first ever post which is actually and factually following the THE DAILY POST task..

So here we go!

As I have mentioned in my first ever post on THIS blog is that, I was the creator of 6 different websites, each of them was actually concentrated to a particular topic rather than all the things I was interested in, and as we all know human beings don’t like things for a long time, so my interest gradually decreased from each blog of mine, then again I found out my interest didn’t lay in those things which I made blog posts on, but it actually lay in blogging itself!Ā 

Then I brought myself up again , and thought I need to weave a blog for just showing of my interest in blogging. In real life too, I am a sort of person who has a lot to show,share and talk about and so is my online identity.Ā 

I started this blog on April 3rd with my “Another time” post ..where I just gave lame reasons of me being on wordpress trying to blog something and anything, I feel my blogging skill have marginally gone up and so has my confidence towards the society around me.

I blog on a public front because from young age I always desired to be noticed and I know that won’t happen inside a closed journal,I felt that blogging was something I really wanted to do as well as loved to do.

I prefer writing in a relaxed style with unintentional humour. When I sit to write a post I usually don’t script it before, I just blab on whatever I like..

I didn’t exactly start this blog to get thousand of people to get attracted, but at this moment I have 31 people who actually thought this blog was worth following even though they don’t know me, haven’t seen me or haven’t got anything to do with me.. But still when I see a new subscriber I feel very warm cause my life got someone interested , my random talkativeness made them like my post, comment on it and click that follow button…

A year from now, I hope I made atleast a thousand people smile…..

I would like to end this post now cause I am at the moment sweating from my I eyes… So here is huge crappy punch line I am gonna throw at you, catch it!!!!


And I am gonna make your head SWIRL…

(I told you it was crappy ;P)Ā 

Take care ,

from the not so


Crazy.Music lover.Trying to spread craziness in the world.

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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk: who I am and why I’m here |purrfectgirl

  1. Hey Purrfect Girl!

    Stumbled onto your blog from the comments in blogging 101! Hope to know more about you and your blogging likes and dislikes over the course of this month šŸ™‚

    Take care!

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