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I am one of those people who eagerly waits for Saturday to hit me with its dawn light.

It’s Saturday !!!

So how exactly do I spend that day?!

I get up as early as possible since it is my theory that the early I get up the more time I will have to ridiculously spend the day. Then I do the basic human body inner and outer cleaning duty, wear my best pair of dress which I had already decided the previous Monday and then go eat my scrambled eggs. After all this the fun begins…. Muah ha ha ha ha… ( that was an evil laugh if you didn’t realise )

Muah ha ha

I got out, enjoy the breeze, sit down next to a tree write poems about Mother Nature. Then help my mother in the kitchen , cause I am one of those kids who are truly a gift to their parents…………..

I am really innocent…

Okay okay, who am I kidding….. I’ll tell y’all the truth…. I sleep like Sid from Ice age and I often tend to ignore Saturday, as for me it’s a day to do nothing… Like I even stay away from having fun…I sort of give my whole body a nice peaceful rest… I am some who can be compared to be mentally dead on Saturday…..

Me on Saturday seeing TV…

So do I do anything productively on that day or not…. Of course yes… But it only happens when the night hits..

I mentally break from my resting body phase to the phase where my parents will be frightened whether I am a normal human or not… Cause after all that resting my body thanks me by giving some cool dance vibes ..which of course my parents are startled by…..

Back to my crazy phase!!

And then things continues to be crazy for another week until again Saturday morning arrives…

Tell me about your Saturday life in the comments .. If you think it’s crazier than mine!!

take care

from the not so


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