Let’s Talk : Thoughts during morning…


So I really have this Another Me living in my head , who likes to comment on everything I do… Sadly I have come to the realisation that she is my thought so now I am going to write down all my thoughts during the day time….

– When I wake up


-When I am in my Bathroom

” Oh wow! Darling look at you! You deserve to be in the cover of Vogue- wait…. What’s that on your eyes?! EWWWWW … Get it off ,get it off”

-After my Bath

” Now we are talking Freshness, dear! But get dressed up quickly as there are more beautiful things in the world for me to praise more than you :/”

– When eating my breakfast

” Look at the mess you are making on the table… Oh gosh you embarrass me… Eat with some manners at least….”

– When reading book

” Whew… Awesome workout! Come on read more , read more… I deserve all the exercise in the world , to put up with you “

-Listening to Music

” Wow, this is the only good thing you do for me, I love you “


So, yeah , I guess I wrote most of the things my so called Thought says to me.. You know some times I feel it is a all new person in my head.. Cause all this sarcasm.. I mean who in the world has thoughts like this?! Maybe I have some problem or should I say my thought has some problem…

Anyhow,I just want to say this to my thought…

take care

From the not so


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk : Thoughts during morning…

  1. When I try to get up in the morning, it almost always my thoughts trying to convince me into going to sleep again so you should feel glad that you have a pretty efficient thought person 🙂

    1. Hehe, I would rather sleep to keep that THOUGHT in my head shut her mouth, rather than her gettin on my nerves all the time. But, I should say she does help me at times with her wit 😉 . Still, I doubt there must be some manufacturing default with me.. Cos I surely know that My thought is seriously some one else…. O.O

      1. Haha. I guess everyone has something strange about themselves that they secretly like. I have plenty of those 🙂 Be sure to check out my new blog – #IndianHumor 😀

      2. Yeah! Plus I strangely find pleasure by embarrassing my self with my antics on my blog.. Lol #dark secret!
        Of course I checked your blog ! It is over whelming to interact with another Indian blogger! Looking forward to read more of your posts!!

      3. You made me your sister and you are saying thanks… Remember the ultimate rule no sorry and thank you between friends.. In this case sisters 😀 ..

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