Random bubble: I don’t do dance

I just realised , I don’t really share many facts about me in this blog, other than that I love music and craziness..

Well, in this post I am going to open the gate of shame and let you know that , how awkward as a dancer I am :/ ……..

When I was a kid, I was pushed into this little box, where I was told I am a born dancer, and when you say such things to a 4 year old kid, it sort of sticks all over her body like superglue and never really leaves until the age of self realisation after experiencing shame …

Yeah so, since my parents and who so ever surrounded me gave me this “false assurance” about my dancing skills , I began to join dance competition without any real training. Also, get this my own teachers gave me all this compliments that I dance like a little puppy.. Atleast I took it as a compliment , but they actually compared me to this puppy…

So, you may ask when did the age of self realisation after experiencing shame hit me?! Well it was when I was about the age of 11 ( yeah! Till then I was living in the unicorn world of I DANCE LIKE MJ ) I sort of saw a video of me dancing in a after party of a function… Right at that time did the truth slap me with it’s huge sloppy hands… I could see my self trying to do the SHAKIRA’s Waka Waka step….. But it turned out to be like a penguin who is desperate for attention.. :/

SHAKIRA’s Waka Waka

MY Waka Waka

From that time, I just found out what I did to myself from the time of my childhood….. I was basically giving free comedy shows to everyone around me…

Now a days I don’t really dance… Even if I do, I do it , it’s just a normal shiver of a body…

But now do I realise that maybe I was actually doing good deeds to human kind by making them laugh with my wacky dancing skills… I seriously have no idea..

Take care

from the not so


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

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