Let’s Talk: Thoughts during afternoon


So this is the second part of my previous post Thoughts during morning  , if  you didn’t read it then…

Also, it apparently led to the conclusion that My Thought is another person.. Well I decided to share more of her with you all!! How exciting … Ugh Maybe not.. :/

When I am trying to solve maths –

” You do know right?! That these equations will not even help in your death bed?! Come on, give me some break! The more you will ask me the correct answer , the more crappy answer I am gonna throw at you”

When I am making a post on my blog-

” What the….. Don’t you know how to write?! All these crappy spelling?! You can stab me with a knife instead , for lord sake! What will you do with out me in your life? I suggest you need to leave it all to me.. What say?!?! “

When I am eating my Lunch –

” Started eating again?! Didn’t we have a talk about this already in the morning?! “

When I start checking all my mails –

” Who the hell is this?! Oh wait, it’s your old friend… What was I thinking , that you would have some random admirer.. Nah.. You are not someone who people would waste their stalking skills on “

When Online Shopping –

” Yeah, the clothes do look pretty.. But on her!!! Once you wear it , it would look like a vomit bag… You do know shopping clothes is not really your thing right?! You need to get over it girl!! ”


Ahh, you know I can’t really do anything about my thought , cause she is sort of a package deal with me?…

Take care

from the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

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