Random Bubble: I am sick


I am hot…. Not in an American Model way… But in a sick way……


I really don’t know how I got sick….. Okay fine! It was my fault.. I sort of went on a chocolate marathon the day before yesterday… Also me having the immunity level equal to the IQ of a mentally challenged monkey..led to this terrible–*cough*

So, my brain is slightly melting due to my temperature.. I don’t want to harm it much by thinking much.. So I am just gonna write down all the effects that is taking place in my body at the moment…

DISCLAIMER: Things I am about to write might get a little bit crappy… As I am not into scientific talking…. :/

Where shall we start?!*cough* Ahh I know .. My nose…

Let us take this metaphor .. So basically when a VIP is visiting some crappy important place, the police tend to block the road, so that no public can come in that way!! Now, let’s place the substance that comes out of our dear nose ( let’s name it boogie ) instead of the VIP…, nose instead of road and sneeze instead of public…… I know, no other human being in the world can explain nose blockage like me!!

Then coming to my throat… I basically think it is the thar desert, desperately waiting for rain ( drinking water in this case) !!!!! Then all of a sudden *cough*

Coming to my limbs… I feel like I have just done a 2 hour workout at the gym-


OH no! *sneezes* … Great I just sneezed… My mom thought it was an Earthquake…. -_- I love my family…. After all I am their genes…..

But still my mother doubts whether I am sick or not.. Cause I am still talking like a maniac…. My mom thinks I have some sort of talking flu.. Not that there is any….


Talking, about my mother.. Thanks for everything MoM!! For those of you who don’t understand this sudden change of topic… It is Mother’s day tomorrow.. ( Second Sunday of May ) .. So here is wishing a big huge Non-crappy Mother’s Day to every single mother on the whole universe… Even Martian Mother’s.. Not that I have met any Martian mother.. :/….


*sneezes* … I guess my lazy bones can write no more… So…..*cough*

Take Care

from the not so



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