Let’s Talk : Thoughts during night


This crappy post is the third and final instalment to my other two posts, THOUGHTS DURING MORNING and THOUGHT DURING AFTERNOON , which I prefer you need to read before reading this , to truly understand my sufferings!!


– When I watch youtube videos ( you know, youtubers and what they have to say)

“Wow, you know what, you need to start a youtube channel, on the contrary don’t do it. I don’t think you will be any good to the youtube community!No, just no”

– When I stalk people ( in a non-harmful way, just sayin)

“Omg! *BLAH* has got a *BLAH*. OMG! *BLAH* posted a picture. OMG! *BLAH* thinks he is cool, if he takes a selfie?!. *BLAH* needs to calm down. *BLAH* is so irritating “

– When I eat my dinner

“Oh darling, you know what they say?! Eat like a poor in the night?! You gotta follow that”

-When I get to bed

“Why the hell are you laying on your bed, when you know you are not going to sleep?! Get your lazy body up and doing something else”

-When I ACTUALLY get to sleep

“You know something?! I forgot to tell you….. You have an assignment due tomorrow……….. It’s not my fault , after all I am YOUR crappy thought ”


That is how most of my crappy magical nights end, where my thought magically reminds me everything important at the last minute…..

Hope it was interesting enough for you, to know more about my THOUGHT….

I know what you think of me now….


Take care

from the not so-


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