ReView Window: Summer Fashion


Yeah, you read it right … I am gonna talk about fashion ….. I have dressed up myself as a mop when I was small , so apparently I have every right to talk about fashion….

I am gonna tell y’all some great tips for Summer and I am telling ya , your life will be a paradise 😉

step 1:

Make sure you always always ALWAYS stay inside your room with your A/C on (who cares about the electricity bill anyway,damn) and always always ALWAYS have your smart phone or any other jazz which allows you into the world of internet with you , they prevent you from the harmful rays of the sun ,as you will be too damn busy fussing over whether Justin Bieber is a good human or not (also, stalking that secret person… I know you have one…. O.o )

Step 2:

Look at all the people who actually and factually look better than you, so that you stress over the fact of your beauty, which leads to pimples.. I swear pimples makes you look like the actual Mount Everest itself ( you know, it’s supposed to be a cool place,therefore it makes YOU cool… Get it?!) , my god people will keep staring at you ( I can’t necessarily promise you whether they are looking at you in a good way :/ )

Step 3:

For the clothes , jump into your parents’s wardrobe and dig in some of their over sized clothes and wear them, so that more air enters your body because of it’s oversize-ness… Although at that point you may look like you ran away from a mental hospital or that some how you magical shrunk yourself except that the clothes remained the same size…(like in Alice in the wonderland) :/

So yeah people! These were my ultimate tips for the SUMMER LOOK this year. Make sure you follow these steps and you will be the best looking person (in a sort of a crappy good way 😉 ) in your neighbourhood!!

I know you all just wanna clap and thank me for these tips… Go on…


take care

from the not so-


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