Let’s talk : Kochadaiiyan: The Legend


Just experienced one of the most brilliant movie ever made in the history of cinema, KOCHADAIIYAAN !!!!!!!

In this post don’t expect me to review it , because this movie cannot be reviewed but can only be enjoyed and understood!

Being a person who is very much interested in animation,graphics,technology, and ofcourse CINEMA itself, I was eagerly waiting for this movie. So my ultimate aim when it released was to get the tickets , grab a popcorn and enjoy one if the most brilliant and down to earth person , the biggest SUPERSTAR alive , RAJINIKANTH do his karma on the screen!!

Soundarya R. Ashwin , a girl who I can very much relate to because of our common interest has done an excellent job in bring the animated form of Rajini (her father!) alive on screen!!

I was all smiles when seeing this film as it made me and millions of Indians/Tamilians proud!!

When I was watching this film, I was constantly thinking of my future, I want to do something like this, maybe even better ( as every best things have more better things hidden in them)! I wanna make my parents proud, most of all I want to make my nation proud, I want to make a Animated movie that is not seen as a cartoon, but as a hard work of all the technicians behind that movie!

Kochadaiiyaan gave me hope that I don’t need to run away to some Neverland to make my dream come true, instead I can do it right here in my Motherland and do something to make her proud!

Now, I am just waiting to grow up pursue my dreams, I hope when I do people come and see it , enjoy it and most of all understand it! Also, I would love to collaborate with Soundarya R. Ashwin , because some where inside me I feel maybe just maybe we might make a good combo , together we will make something never experienced in the world of cinema…

Okay! I guess I need to stop talking about my future and start working to achieve it !!

Take care

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