Random Bubble : Childhood Craziness


Once again I have decided to publicly humiliate myself , by listing out some very outstanding moments of my life ,precisely my childhood !! I don’t know but, I some how find joy in humiliating myself !!Also by the end of this post you will find out the amount of craziness filled inside me!! Let’s get started

1. The time I fell inside the ditch :/

Ouch! Yes I was 18 months old when this happened ( wow, I have experienced awkwardness in such a young age !! ) . So basically me and my grandmother were outside our house waiting for someone, and I don’t really know how we ended up waiting inside the ditch. OKAY FINE! According to sources ( my grandma, that is) I somehow managed to push us both inside the ditch. Also , get this my mom and my grandfather were laughing at me and my grandmother when we entered the house like wet pigs, like WHAAAAT?!?!


2. When I gave my self a haircut !!

Yeah!! And don’t you think I was some “trying hard to fit in teenager” when this incident happened , I was only 2 years old when this happened ! You know what they say about scissors – ” Keep children out of reach” , well that day they ( the lovely elders ) forgot to follow the golden rule and I decided to give my self The Lord Voldemort haircut ( yeah! You got it right!! I got THAT haircut ) 3. When I bit my teacher

Wasn’t I a daring kid?! The scenario went like this , my teacher bet my best friend for not completing the home work , me being a “cross me before you get to my friend” type kid , got furious and bit her….. Well surprisingly they were just too astonished to see a girl support her friend so much in such a young age ( I was 6 years ) , they didn’t do anything to me, plus I didn’t even apologise !!

4. ย When I broke almost every CDs/ DVDs in my cousin’s house

This is what you get for ignoring your cousin!! So I visited my cousin’s house and asked him to play with me and he said no because he wanted play with his so called friends ( toy cars ) and I became annoyed ,so I went to place where they keep all their disks and broke them !! I was… Correction I am evil..

5. The time I told my 6 year old neighbour I was a vampire

I was really interested in the idea of vampires and all that jazz, so when I met a girl with the same interest and well she was four years younger than me ( so , you can say I took a very nice advantage of that ) . I tricked her into thinking I am a vampire. Get this she believed it and told the entire apartment I was a vampire and well it went pretty bad after that…. :/


I know right!! I have such amazingly awkward moments in my life !! Now you can for sure tell that I am not crazy all of sudden, it was something which stuck with me from a very young age!!

Take care

from the not so –


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