Random bubble: Love not obsession


DISCLAIMER: Based on true life

It is 8:00 a.m , and I think I just can’t ย wait anymore. So, I get up and run towards what seems like a 100Km away!! I can see obstacles, I need to cross them… I let a smirk force on to my face and say, “Bring on the game, babe!” .

I jump as high as possible but unfortunately the four legged creature is too high and of course stronger, I fall but I go on. My elbow is bleeding because of the fall, but if I stop now it means the more time it will be before I reach my love, so I run leaving out a huge sigh!

As I run I remember our times together, the time both of us first met , we actually met through our common friend, it was a magical moment!!

At last I reach, just a door separating us both.. As I reach out my hand to open it, I sense something, something BAD… OH NO!!! It’s my mom, she is coming! If she finds out what I am doing–…. She thinks I am obsessed , but she doesn’t understand it is true love… I try not to think about her, because I just have to do it..

So I go on, open the door, reach out for my love…. There IT is…



My Nutella!! I fill my mouth with my Nutella… I feel it in my mouth slowly but gently gliding down my throat. I feel happy!!



take care

From the not so-


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7 thoughts on “Random bubble: Love not obsession

    1. I feel you!! Infact my mom doesn’t buy it too!! It is my dad who becomes the superman and saves my world!! Then I will have to find a nice place to hide it #secretlove

  1. Damn that plot twist. Heh maybe you can do a post on all the types of Nutella you have over where you live. In Singapore where I live, there’s only the standard ones, so it’ll be really interesting to see how things are like over the world. And yea, you get Nutella. You’re welcome!

  2. I have only recently experienced the eyelash-fluttering tastebud-engrossing thing that is popularly called Nutella. I don’t know how that jar gets wiped clean soo damned fast!

    1. Very true! Infact , I plan on an operation to some how decode the mystery of DISAPPEARING NUTELLA, but while I head out to do that, there seems more disappearing?! Wonder what happens…. :/ ๐Ÿ˜›

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