Let’s talk: Things I have never done, and probably will never do…


Being only in the age of the ulimate teenage years, where things are a bit.. Okay! Who am I kidding.. Too confusing , I haven’t had the chance to experience many many things in life, but in midst of those things there are also things I would never wish to do.. And I am gonna list  them!! Don’t worry I won’t take too much of your time ,like your favourite show does..

Things I have never done yet ( and will Never Ever do it, OKAY?!)

1. Be like those people of Nat Geo, cause I ain’t got that guts nor do I have the mindset in me to act cool, and later get fried by the god damn who knows what!! If you are adventures , good for you, cause I ain’t and I will never be !!

2. Meeting Justin Bieber or in this case anyone of the celebrities that just freaking pull out my nerve and stamp it like an ant. You might advice me , you need to keep it calm girl!! I can’t!! I just find it extremely pressurising when anything that has to do with them is any where around me, be it their fans or their songs which are constantly playing, and being the expect others emotion I tend to sort of adjust when their fans talk about them, cause they got their preferences, right?! Yeah I know, I sound like a goody two shoes….

3. Share my books with anyone, being a person who loves books ( no, I don’t mean the school books :/ ) I never ever in my life till now shared them with anyone!! Cause I have this strange feeling that I have to be the only one to experience that particular book, and I feel if someone else reads from the same book, then well the spell is lost.. I know I am acting like an old lost lady… But yeah!!

4. Join in a reality show!! Those things are best seen from your TV. I don’t know where you live, but in India, all the shows ( at least the ones I have seen ) seem to be literally scripted !! I mean come on!! Each episode has a judge and contestant fight ( although I enjoy watching, that is a different story ) ,a dramatic injury or something else that can only happen in a freaking reality show and I don’t want to get involved in such crap business !!


Great!! I think that is enough of things NOT TO DO… We now need to think about things that have to be done…Ain’t I a bright person!?!


Said you, I won’t take long!!

take care

from the not so-


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