Let’s talk: Selfie Maybe?!



Now, let me get this straight, I am shamelessly part of that group of take endless selfies although no one sees them except you ( unless of course, you are a star ) ! I am not gonna lie and tell selfies don’t interest me and other stuffs , cause I am gonna be real with you!! Maybe, according to you selfies are harmful for health and stuff , but I just don’t care!! Now here is one massive reason for me talking selfies. I DONT FEEL COMFORTABLE WHEN OTHERS TAKE MY PHOTO, AND SELFIES ARE A GREAT WAY TO AVOID THAT!!!

But now I really wonder what if those front cameras were not invented to ultimately take our angled faces!! So here are a few things that “the creators” would have actually made the front camera for ( not that I was working with Steve Jobs ) .

1. To check that little leaves/noodles/ chocolate stuck on your teeth , so you can save your self from public humiliation of “that guy eats like a pig”  .

2. To investigate if the person sitting behind you in the bus is looking at you! You know casually look at the phone and suddenly ON the front camera , see them looking at you and shout BUSTED!! Great gadget for detectives, *BRAVO BRAVO*!!

3. If you are unsure to enter a place ( public toilet or a haunted house, you choose the worst! ) , you can just ON the front camera, point your camera in front of the room , you don’t even have to peep, click the picture , view it from your phone ! If all is clear then good, if not then think of it as an another photo in the wrong side of Tumblr, and run for your life!! Speaking of which this can be done with normal camera too.. Urgh I don’t know !!

4. When you are alone and want to talk to someone, but the crappy signal is not there , you can simply ON the front camera and start talking to your self ! It’s a great way to spend quality time with yourself!!


So yeah! Those were my lame, maybe VERY lame ideas, and that lame collage in this post is also made by me, just sayin!! The world is selfie-sh !!

Take care

from the not so-


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