Random Bubble: You are hot!!



Here are some admirable terms I know and understand :





good looking


and so on…

Here is one term that I don’t understand :


So, for me till now, I have never really understood how to describe a person as HOT , the only time I find someone hot is when they have fever… It is just that it feels so awkward ! Like is that person burning, for me to call him/her hot?! Don’t think of me as an idiot ( although I maybe one ) .

Did I tell you it’s not only the word HOT which gives me a pinch , there is another word which makes me think very hard… BOMB!! Girls mainly are referred to as BOMB. I mean the only BOMB I have come across is the nuclear bombs and the bomb that human beings (animals too :/ ) leave ( sorry if that disgusted you, still we have to be real ) either way it is just weird to use it on a person !!

If you have any explanation then please do clear my crappy confusion …


Take care

From the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Random Bubble: You are hot!!

  1. I feel disgusted whenever I hear the word, ‘bomb’, being used for girls. Unfortunately, I’m in the same state of confusion as you, so excuse me for not clearing things up.

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