Random bubble : Mood is the name of the Swing I am sitting on…



Ever been in a situation, where you really want to keep talking but not to the people around you ,but to someone else, who isn’t even near you, and then you feel all moody and go on sulking for the whole day, make that two! Well, this is one of those days for me!

Trust me this was not meant to be the post today , but unfortunately I have suddenly thought to post this!! The reason I thought to write down this feeling is, so that I actually understand what happened and snap out of it. My mom, especially is not happy with way I am sitting around without talking to anyone ( I am know for my talkativeness *worldwide* ) and I know what you are thinkingย “Girl, you need to stop sulking and start talking”. True, very true , but it is just that if I start talking then well I get a little bit frustrated and urghhhh it is soo ( ironic , I got frustrated ) .

Maybe I need to just listen to music ( which I am doing right now ) and relax! If any of you out there are having a project on HUMAN BEING MOOD SWING, I am a great example!!

I am not really person to get moody soon, but when I do , then well I get irritated by myself ,that I get even more moody thinkin how irritating I am , and the cycle continuos for an entire day!

You know what brings me out of it ?! Music!

I am gonna end this post here, listen to music and well become my normal crazy self ( although you must be thinking , I am still crazy )

take care

from the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

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A glass of whiskey for your perspective?!

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