Let’s talk : I am an awkward girl



I love interacting with others, but as much I love doing that , there seems to be a certain amount awkwardness that seems to magically push itself from my soul and splash on the face of the person I am talking to!! The awkwardness isn’t just something small which people can forget within a minute, it is something they will go on to tell their great grandchildren ( although, the idea of me still being remembered in 2090 seems to fancy me! ) and I thought it is time to write down three of the most awkward moments which happened to me ( I am limiting it to three to save a little dignity). You might ask why do I want to publicly humiliate myself by writing it down, my answer is “Cause I am an awkward crazy person, duh!! )

1. I will be on the most interesting conversation with someone of a very high standards, but NO!!!! That KFC chicken that I ate almost 12 hours back decides to come all the way from my intestine to my stomach to my throat, to my mouth and voila The Magical scent of KFC reaches the nose of the person of a very high standards, to who I apparently WAS talking to , who now is in the verge of dying ( no, I didn’t kill anyone till now, *pure luck* ).

2. I will be in this party which is literally filled with all the social butterflies, and I have no idea why in the first place I was invited over there , but still I act like I have just made the next AVATAR . Right then, some social butterfly decides to make some joke which gets the entire crowd cracking, which is good of course , but in my world I laugh atleast up to 15 minutes thinking of that joke which is like a decade more than the time the social butterflies laugh. So this is what happens, everyone in the party stops laughing except ofcourse me, and all of them stare at me like I am some unknown bacterial species stuck on them. So much for laughing at a good joke :/ .

3. I am in this restaurant where even the waiter looks like he might be a part of the richest family in the world , with my family.My father ( who has been to lot of countries and knows how to handle different food , which I can’t ) orders some weird named dishes which remindes me of my biology classes.. The waiter serves us the food and we begin, I take a point to look at my father, how is he managing this alien dish, it’s almost like a magic, when he splits it into half… I try… The whole of the weird named dish ( but beautifully plated ) is now literally out of the plate and on that , which seems to look like a million dollar table cloth ( everything in that restaurant seems to be above million dollars ) , although the people seem sweet about it and tell I am little girl ( which makes me even more angry ) . I manage to feed my self only on another weird named drink!!

You know what I think, I just hold the record for the most awkwardness faced!!

take care

from the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

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