Random bubble : A Sound from the Wardrobe..


It is dark, the dinner is getting ready.. A noise has been coming from the bedroom for a long time, I chose to ignore it.. But not for long can I escape it..

Although, my mother is right next to me, I feel alone… The breeze is so cool, but I am sweating, my palm is full of sweat, I am trying to wipe them on my track pants, the sweat doesn’t stop.. I feel a drop of sweat slowly making it’s way down my spine..

I can feel my toes bending, I feel uncomfortable, but I don’t want to realise the fact that I am afraid.. I stay focused..

The dinner gets ready I start to eat the noodles, but it is more of a mechanical way of eating, my mind was just stuck on that room..

I can see it.. Inside the wardrobe, just standing.. Maybe, it’s waiting for me..

I eat my noodles slow, in a theory that the slower I eat, the more time it will take for it to reach me… I enjoy my last meal… I taste the carrot, tomatoes- tomatoes, I hate them.. Mom never understands that.. Mom.. I will miss her, I will miss the way we shopped together, the time we were together, had fun, the time we watched movies, like now……………

I quickly get up from the dining table, and walk to the hall. I try not to focus on the screen, I grab the remote and switch off the GHOST MOVIE….

take care

From the not so-


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A glass of whiskey for your perspective?!

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