Let’s Talk: The Uninvited Guests, BUGS



This situation has literally been giving me creeps of lately… FINDING AN ALIEN LOOKING BUG…..

No amount of pest control, sprays and what so ever invention to keep these bugs away, has given me a satisfying result…….

This is exactly what happens…

1.I go to the bathroom, completely peaceful.. Close the door.. And ….AAAHAHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHHAHAHAHHHH ….. There it is.. A cockroach bigger than my hands ( well, not literally ) .. I run quickly away from the bathroom and the nature call I had got also magically disappears..

2.I go to my school happily, sitting with my friends, talking about, “who knows what” stuff and BOOM..A moth magically finds its way to our petit group, and we all faint ( actually, not really…. )

3.I am casually talking with my mom, and I feel something on my neck.. but being the procrastinating person I am , I tend to ignore it.. Well, only until it finds it’s way to my face!!



They are everywhere! Even Apps now a days have Bugs.. Urghhhh

I am not against bugs. I respect their “right to live”.. But they have to respect my “right to live” as well…. :/


take care

from the not so-



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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: The Uninvited Guests, BUGS

  1. Add weird looking flies to the list! Cuz considering my lack of interest and knowledge in the anatomy of insects they all seem like disease carrying insects to me from whom I tend to run away.

    1. Those little creatures are more dangerous than your enemy… Seriously even the BUG’S LIFE movie, didn’t change my opinion of those little souls…Sadly, they exist and so do I ( the legacy continues! Hehe) !!

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