Random bubble : #nofilter used !!



This is the era of SELFIES, and we all know that there is this popular younger sibling to selfie and her name is “FILTERS”!!

I know, I know, there are many of you out there having at least a maximum of 15 photo editing apps, just to make your “Oreo” look like it’s coming straight out of a fashion party!!! I am not saying I don’t use filters, but there some people out there in this unicorn world , using filters for Who knows what!!!

Let us investigate on what crappy things the crappy human mind urges a trying to fit in soul, to put filters ON!! O.o

1. Cheese cakes-

I get it that you are happy eating your cheese cake, but that filter is just making your cheese look like it is a rotten yellow paint! You are causing me nausea !!

2. Shoes –

Nice shoes, but what is that dog poop like thing on your shoe… Oh , I see you used the ultimate filter of TORN PAPER!! Like , why in the world you would want to do that with your million dollar shoe and make it look like you got it from a cheap second handed shop ?!

3. Your sleepy face selfie..

Although, I can see the pain you took in adding a 100000000000 filters , let me just say, that I can see nothing but a highly blurred out image of a sleep deprived monkey…. Ouch.. That was you !!

4. My new haircut selfie-

I can see every single filter available in the history of filters, but seriously please circle the place I can locate your NEW HAIRCUT.. Cause I think I just lost my eye sight because of that filter attack!!


And , the most irritating photo …. Wait for it!



5. NO FILTER selfie

SERIOUSLY?! The only filter you missed out is the None filter!! There is no more to talk about…


Speaking of all that, you might think of me as a highly opinionated person, well let me tell you that.. That five thing I listed above.. I may or may not have done that… * runs away *

#learntitthehardway , actually learnt it by deleting the photos the next second , after the filtering procession is done!! 😛

-end of story-



take care

from the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Random bubble : #nofilter used !!

  1. Haha! Nice 😛 These selfies and filters are becoming too much of a trend! Saw a near naked selfie of James Franco today. Grossed out! Might never be able to watch him act again without the picture crossing my mind.

    1. Hehe! Even I experienced the shock of the ULTIMATE JAMES FRANCO’S , ULTIMATE SELFIE… o.o “This is the end” (see what I did there 😛 ) !! Human Beings are literally filtering everything out of them …

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