Let’s Talk: Pang of Guilt



“The Pang of Guilt” has hit me hard in my heart so many times.

There were times , when I meant to say something in a humorous way, but my snail speed brain doesn’t interpret it correctly and it becomes more or less like a sarcastic sentence and BOOM, the person I targeted that sentence with, is looking at me like I am a mentally retarded and so the guilt follows me…

There are times when I misunderstand someone so badly that I shamelessly make false assumption about them, and when I get to know them for real, I feel like the worst person in the world for thinking about that person like that…

It’s just a feeling all of us “wandering souls” on Earth experience. Sometimes, it becomes very hard, the guilt feels like a huge burn on your heart, it makes you feel bad, you tend to cry , feel disgusted of yourself and things start to get pretty messy.

When we look at that person who caused us with this guilt, we realise that we caused them with even more scratches in their heart with our words.. Guilt just keeps getting bigger and bigger and one day it explodes to something bad…

But, of course, we are in control of our own soul, if words were the one which caused the guilt , then words will be the one to melt that guilt. Never ever suppress your emotions, it gets scary in there, in the world of GUILT. Open up, speak to the person who you tore apart, maybe things won’t be back to normal, but it will always be better than the guilt and hate friction between you both. Don’t let your ego stand in front of you, if you do, then well you are bound to explode.

We are humans, we make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pull it all together again. Offer yourself a second chance, cause every soul deserves a better life, you do too…

take care

from the not so-


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8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Pang of Guilt

    1. Glad you liked the post! The world of guilt might look big at the moment, but only till you realise you are looking at it with a binoculars, once that realisation is over, things will get over soon!!

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