Let’s Talk: What am I ?!



See, there are times when you don’t really know what kind of person you really are, and that particular situation happens to me a lot of times. I seriously find it sometimes so hard to know what are actually my characteristics!!

I love talking, but at the same time I enjoy silence.

I hate judgemental people, but what am I doing calling them judgemental?!

I hate it when others make false assumptions about me, only does lord know, how many people I have misunderstood…

I love being crazy, but I hate being like a so called “bubbly girl”.

I hate when others peep into my work, but I love spying into others.

I get hurt when people that I love the most keep distance from me, but I give them double the more pain they gave me instead.

I now realise who I am…

I am everything a human being is made of!!

take care

from the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: What am I ?!

      1. Forgot to mention, though I am not a psychology guy. I am very much interested in the field and my guess about a person has rarely gone wrong. I could try it you want to 😀

      2. Why Not?! Sounds very interesting!! Also, to insert in , I am also interested in psychology ! It is always a delight to guess about a person!! 🙂

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