Random Bubble : I fear…



Just like any other soul in this world, ( don’t you act like a brave monkey and say you don’t fear anything. I know you do O.O ) I fear from quite a lot of things…

Dogs- it’s a long story..

Insects- in-built …

My dancing skills – Actually, you should be afraid of seeing that, hehe!!

Getting eaten by an animal – Don’t really know, how I even imagined of that…

Loose Pants – it will be one of the biggest public humiliation..

Forgetting every bit of my life – no just no..

Wake up as a ghost- This is even more scary than seeing a ghost!

Loosing a my relations – I will literally become brain dead after that…


Now, now, I seriously think you have had enough of my fears, there are better things in world to talk about.. Like rainbows, Unicorns, Popcorn and Nutella!!

Fears, are just those emotions inside us that we “try” to believe are not scary, but once we stop the “trying” bit and actually believe that there is nothing to fear of except your own reflection , everything is fine!! Oh! Look at me being all philosophical!!

take care

from the not so-


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