Let’s talk: “T E A M” with an “I”



So, we had this little “Team” Project in our school for Biology.

You know what they say ” There is no I in TEAM.”….

Well, at times I wish there was!! Not because my team members were crappy or anything like that, but because when you tend to do something crappy, it affects the entire T E A M , and not just the “I”…

So there is this constant pressure to do something even better than you actually can.. But you know how much the “luck” loves me… Either I break something or spoil something which was something remarkable…

Even the things I am really good tend to break down like the tower in ANGRY BIRD ( unfortunately, in this case I don’t get points for breaking that down 😦 )…

You know something even worse?! Being the CAPTAIN of the team… In my personal experience , you should not boss your self around with your “fat head”, nor let your “lazy potato brain” sleep.. So there is this mental balance that you have to keep check of, that I am sure , by the end of the project you would be something like this–


–But , when you finish your project and hear the others applauding for your team, there is this sensation of butterfly flying all around you, and you are just relieved that the project has gone well *it’s a splendid feeling* , you can let out a comfortable CO2  ( do I know Biology , or what?!)

Then again, you miss working with your team members.. Gosh.. Team projects, just make you experience a roller coaster of emotions!!

take care

From the not so-


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5 thoughts on “Let’s talk: “T E A M” with an “I”

  1. Hello ‘not so purrfect gal’ 😀

    Nice post, but I think you are much better than me or my batch mates. You straight away took me to those days. I am glad that at least your projects see completion 😀
    Imagine 5 college students on the streets searching for a project, and if possible buy one :D. And when we buy one after a lot of search, the college finds out and discards it. Oh, I just can’t think about it. I would laugh to death.

    Thanks for sharing, little purrfect gal…Hope you come up with more 🙂

    1. You know? Whenever a teacher comes up to the class and shouts “It’s gonna be a team project and I AM PICKING THE TEAMS” , that’s when I experience an ant size heart attack , cause I know that my friends are more likely to forgive me than those “secret team mates”…. Plus, more likely I will end up with someone I seriously didn’t even know existed or someone who thought I was just another “lost soul” roaming in the school…
      Isn’t life fun?! Yes, it is..

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