Random Bubble: You make me salivate- Pizza!!



God bless those gracious hands which makes Pizzas!!

There it comes, my very own double cheese pizza!!

It’s love at first sight ( sorry, Nutella) !! Just looking at it makes me salivate!! I grab the biggest piece!! I bite on, *small pieces*, it’s everything I imagined, the texture, the smell, the taste!! I swallow it slowly, savouring every moment of this beautiful moment!!

Another piece. Tastes just the same, but gives me double the happiness!!Who said love can only happen between humans?! Pizza and me, we travel the rainbow together ( sorry again, Nutella ) !!!!

I go on for another piece-

Wait what?! It’s over?! How can it!!!

I run to the counter.. “Can I have a double cheese pizza?!”………

And that gentlemen and ladies, is true love!!

take care

from the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

14 thoughts on “Random Bubble: You make me salivate- Pizza!!

      1. Probably yeah…Nutella would suicide unable to withstand the heartbreak. 😀 That would leave you shattered and in the middle of nowhere………………………………… Oh what creativity…:P

      2. Hahaha…The comment train has gone pretty long 😛 Reading these comments can be one of the reasons for them to unfollow you…:D

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