Let’s Talk: The Mask of Words- Lies



This is something we all have done – telling a lie!!

A lie just puts a mask on everything!! We all have seen the movieย Pinocchio, but hardly any of us have learned anything from it.

Sometimes we tell a lie to make someone happy, to make ourself safe from the fire ahead, or just some crappy reason that our brain digs out of the sand to tell a lie!!

Just think about how many times you have let a lie slip out of your mouth, or how many lies that have been thrown at you!! We often , tell a lie thinking it’s the best thing to do at that situation, maybe it is, but so is the importance of telling the truth…

I too, have told many lies, I accept it, but the guilt never washed away from me. I have also experienced many lies unfolding in front of my eyes, those days I have spent crying thinking am I so crappy enough for that lie?!

Also, there are those lies, which makes someone happy. At the same time, there are lies which makes someone sad on a long run..

You wanna impress someone? Tell a lie.

You wanna cheat someone? Tell a lie.

Differentiating lies , can become very complicated.

A lie has many sides to it, that I’ll never understand. I’ll be “lying” if I say that I will not tell a lie from now on.. But trust me when I say that , I will never breakdown another person’s life by some crappy lie.

Take care

from the not so-


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A glass of whiskey for your perspective?!

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