Monthly Favourites with me Purrfectgirl: June


June 2014 is official over, which means I have come with a small box full of my Favourite things to throw at you!!!!

Also! I officially hit 100 followers on 23 June !! That’s quite a lot for a blog ran by a mentally retarded monkey!!

Anyhow, coming back to the monthly favourites , here are a few things which elevated me!!

No.1. Choco Treat!!

imageSo my mother has just been treating me royally with her “Choco treat” , I am pretty sure half my body is filled with it!! Seriously, my mother is an angel in disguise !!! Plus that Oreo on top of it , is just an icing on the cake!!



No.2. Miranda Sings

imageHer videos are something that truly defines the word “unique”. Gosh! Her red lipstick kills me all the time!!! To be precise, she is one of the best comedian youtube has ever had!!




No.3. Kaththi ( Motion Poster )

imageSo, there is this Indian movie called “Kaththi” coming up! To be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to it!! But, that teaser gave me the bumps!! Being a techno fan, I am just flattered by it!!





…Actually, I got no more!! It has been a very hectic month with my exams going on, so seriously I had to maintain it low!!

Probably, this month will be a bit free… Nah, who am I kidding?!!!

Take care

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