ReView Window: #LikeAGirl


Does stereotyping really give so much joy to human souls?! This video , posted by the youtube channel “Alwaysbrand” on June 26, 2014 has become the new internet storm!! But, are people really taking it seriously?! The message in that video is so beautifully, yet practically spat on your face, but I am sure we human souls will forget about this video and it’s message as soon as another “viral video” pops up…

From young age, it has been tattooed all over our body that “girls are like this…..” And “boys are like this…..” . Even in school, our friends tend to insult us by saying ” Stop crying like a girl”, “Stop acting like a girl” and so on.. Is being a girl really that insulting?! Well, I seriously don’t think so…

In fact, girls are more powerful than all of you think!! Boys, we secretly are the superheroes of the world!!

Stereotyping someone doesn’t just end here. This whole big giant ball of earth itself is stereotyped!!! Every single thing is stereotyped. But, when we human souls learn to open our lovely crappy eyes, we will see what the world actually is..

This video, is truly a very pretty step towards opening the society’s eyes. We all need to know that girls are as powerful as boys and boys are as sentimental as girls. The only actual difference in them is that they are biologically different… I also want to stress at this point that, I am not saying girls are SUPERIOR over boys, we are one…

Take care

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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

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