Random bubble: I carried a baby!!




 For the first time ever, I actually carried a baby ( not a toy! )!! 

I am very fond of babies, but I always feared carrying them, as I thought I would drop them or something. But, today as I went for a movie with my parents and my dad’s friend’s family ( that baby was dad’s friend’s daughter..) , little did I know that I would actually carry a BABY!!! 

As the movie got over, we were making our way out, and this baby just saw me and somehow made her way from the dad’s shoulder to mine!! I really don’t know, but somehow my fear evaporated and I was actually factually carrying her! Get this, neither did she cry nor shout! She was laughing and she called me akka ( sister )

Tears were soaking my eyes, I know you might think I am silly for crying for a carrying a baby, but trust me there are always those moments when you feel very special,although for others it might be silly. That baby was 18 months old, I never knew her she never knew me, but still she made my day special.. 

I still don’t get it why, that second made me feel so emotional, and I don’t know why I am jotting it down here.. But it’s all for a reason.. I tell you, it’s all for a reason….


take care

from the not so-





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8 thoughts on “Random bubble: I carried a baby!!

  1. Heylo Purrfectgal,

    Was wondering where you disappeared! and then think of the devil and the devil’s here 😀

    It’s really cool and happy to know that you enjoyed the moment. I can relate to that, but I was much more lucky than you in this case 😀 😀 They hold on to you tight sometimes, sometimes they hold on to your fingers. It’s amazing, I love babies very much.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Peace.

    1. OMG! You found out my secret identity ( devil ) !!! *hides* 😛

      Seriously! That moment will forever be in my heart! Plus, I don’t have a sibling, so you can understand how nice I felt while she called me “sister” ( my cousins who respect me a lot call me donkey instead) !! It might be awkward to tell, but she felt like those really soft pillows!! 🙂

      1. Hahaha…I knew that I would find you out someday.

        Like a soft cotton ball isn’t it 😀 I hope you get to spend a lot of time with babies, for that’s really a great feeling 🙂

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