Random Bubble : 5 signs I hate you…



I might seem really nice to most of the people around me, but deep inside me there is this little well were I am murdering some of them… 

So, in case you really don’t want to be beaten to death in my mind , here are a few signs to know that you need to get your freaking soul away from me…

1. I IGNORE you- I mean what part of “ignoring” doesn’t your freaking brain understand … This is one of the best way I do, to save you, from me strangling your neck!!

2. I keep asking you to repeat what you said– You chose to get on my nerves and now I chose to get on yours.. You better understand 1.) I will never listen to you no matter how much time you repeat your sentence 2.) If you don’t get away, I’ll ask you to repeat the question a hundred more times till you die out of tongue decay :/ 

3. I will look straight through you during a conversation– You, my dear have been literally dumping me with the most unexceptionally boring topic in the whole wide world and the best the thing is that, you know I’m not listening to you.. Then why?!?!! Don’t you have self respect?!

4. I chose to put you down in every situation we come across each other– You might be correct , but you know what? I will sink you down the basin with my amazingly perfect argument, that you will be forced to accept your defeat…

5. I randomly start talking to someone else- Yup! You can go on to blabber about your dead brain , while I will be enjoying my life with people who I actually CARE about and LOVE…

So, after all these signs you still chose to be near me……. You will be physically alright , but in my mind you are there tied up in this room filled with poop and I really don’t think you would fancy that…

Now, now… Don’t you all think I’m a bad person and blah blah blah… Cause we all know that we all are the same retarded donkeys , and who knows in how many minds I have been paralyzed to death?!

take care

From the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

5 thoughts on “Random Bubble : 5 signs I hate you…

  1. Lolol… How about printing out a copy and posting it as a letter to people you don’t like ?

    I laughed hard reading this.

    Cheers Perfectgirl 🙂

      1. You can hand deliver the letter, and before you give the letter to the person punch him on his face and then hand it over. 😀 *giggling*

      2. Yeah, I could do that too!!!
        * wearing my ninja mask, all prepared *
        But as I said, those freaks will still never understand it.. They will just climb on my nerves a little extra after this….

        Love to hate them ….. Hehe

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