10 Quick Facts About People




 So, I thought I would tell some ugly facts about the society to you ( whereas I, myself am a part of the society in your view :/


1. They are a bunch of confused idiots, trying to disguise themselves as another confused idiot.

2. They will try to put YOU ( yes, out of all the person in the world, YOU were the lucky one!!! ) very badly.

3. They will make you doubt yourself.

4. They will a always be there to laugh at you when you find your way to the ground .

5. They like writing cute little lies about you.

6. They somehow make you fall inside that lie, and make it into a ugly big truth.

7. They like counting your tears.

8. They like to see you push off the dirt off you sleeve.

9. They run to push you again.

10. They still expect you to get over all of it!


Now, now, don’t you think I like spreading negativity, cos I ain’t ! The things I listed above are true from every individual’s point of view, whereas little do they realise that they too are a part of this society !!! So think about it.. Not as an individual but as a society, how many people have you pushed down? How many people’s life did you make a joke ?


Remember we ALL are the same MONKEYS !!! 


Take care

From the not so-




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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

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A glass of whiskey for your perspective?!

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