Things Indian Teachers Say.



There is this peculiar thing about Indian teachers, they all tend to say the same absurd things always, no matter which school in India you go to, they all are the same. Let me get it straight, I am not into stereotyping, the things I am gonna list down below are purely out of experience, cause I am a girl who studied in literally four states of India, in my 15 years of life!!!

1. Is this a class or a fish market?

2. You there! Why are you laughing? What’s so funny? Come over here and tell the joke, we all will laugh too… 

3. If you tell me the truth , then you will not be in trouble… But if you don’t ….. 

4. Forgot you homework? What do you mean forgot your homework? Did you forget to eat? Did you forget to put on clothes? Did you forget to bring yourself here?

5. Come on, tell me who did it or else all of you will be down at the Principal’s room!

6. I will be good as long as you’re  good and bad as long as you’re  bad.

7. Back in my days, I used to listen to everything my teacher said.

8. How dare you sit like that in my class? Is this a park, huh?

9. Accept your mistake, or I’ll remove your pant

10. Why are you staring outside? Is the board over there!

11. Look at this paper in my hand, if any of you annoy me then I’ll write your name in this paper and send it to Principal.


So, hope you got a smirk on your face after reading this. If you have any more “Golden sayings” of teachers, do let me know by commenting down below!!

Also, I would love to know if teachers from other parts of the world are also same or even more insane!!! Do share your views!

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15 thoughts on “Things Indian Teachers Say.

  1. Lol..most of out teachers would be like ‘Pin drop silence’. I had to reach a certain age to understand what the hell that meant !

    That’s how good my English was ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Exactly! I tell you, there is a secret “school of doom” where literally every teacher of the world attends and that school is training them in every way possible to make our school a big question mark!!

      1. Have you ever got beaten up by teachers? It used to happen a lot in my time, and parents were quite cool about it. Grrr my parents!!!

      2. Yeah, I have gotten roasted by many teachers!! But let’s say it wasn’t that bad, just a heavy touch of a scale on my palms… But I had been in a serious trouble with my teacher , last year… ( other than the beating part ) !!!!!!!!

      3. ๐Ÿ˜€ Heavy touch of a ruler on the palm. Yellow big ruler ? or stainless steel ? . buhahaha.

        Did you punch your teacher? oh *making a scared face*

      4. Hmmmm… The yellow scale and get this… It was MY scale!!!!

        Actually they found our class playing during class hours…. And they didn’t take it lightly.. :/ the rest is history!

  2. Have you heard this joke about someone going to the fish market and yelling, “What is this? A classroom??” to restore balance in the universe! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

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