Things Teenagers Say.



We teens are really complicated, admit it. There is always this stage where we say things , whether it is for procrastinating or hiding our true feelings, we just say the damn crappy thing. So, I thought I would jot down some things all of us crazy teen souls say (lie) !!! 


1. No mom, all of us got less marks!!! Not just me!

2. Crushes?! What me?

3. Don’t worry dad, I got my future planned.

4. I swear I wasn’t at that party!

5. Yeah, I have already started in fact I’ll be there in a minute * still in bed *

6. Like seriously it wasn’t even my fault…

7. He/she was the one who proposed me!!!

8. I am not jealous, like that doesn’t even make sense 

9. Trust me, I’m in your side.

10. From today, I shall be a organised person.


 Do tell me what other crazy things YOU say!!! So that together we can make this world a better place to party in !!!


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20 thoughts on “Things Teenagers Say.

  1. Uhm. “Like totaallllllly”
    “Can I just roll my eyes at this?”
    “Can you not? *with the creepiest of glares*”
    “OMG. He was too cute to exist.”
    “Bitch please” (sorry for the explicitness, but hey. I curse a hell lot)
    “I am totally buying that. *checks the price* “Maybe next time.”
    “Please die.”
    “Call me creepy mate. Crreeepppy.”
    ^ those are things I say almost every frigging day.
    Lol. M crazy.

    1. Lol! Should I just say that those are bang on default sentences in my life too!!!

      It’s been long yaar, since v spoke to each other….. But hey!! This is the new “platform” our friendship has landed at!!!

      1. Of course! I have used most of them, most of the times.

        I have no idea. Completely blanked brains and a super lazy body to compliment the dead brain 😛

      2. Hahaha, exams are so much fun. You will write post on missing exam and school / college days later and I will read and comment on it then.

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