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So, one of the most amazing blogger I have known in the wordpress world , Anoop has nominated me for the Liebster Award and honestly this means so much to me coming from a blogger like him!!! His fictions are  the best ones I have read so far on WordPress, he keeps his readers glued on to the story and I admire that! I seriously suggest y’all that you need to go now and pay a visit to his blog and you will fall in love with his posts 🙂 .

So, before I start of with anything I’ll jot down the ” OFFICIAL RULES OF LIEBSTER AWARD

1.Thank the Liebster Award presenter who nominated you and link back to his or her blog. (Done)

2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees. ( On my way ;P )

3.Nominate small (no more than 1000 followers) blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know that they have been chosen. ( Sugar YES ! )
4. Display the Liebster Award logo. ( Cool )
5. No tag-backs, meaning you can’t just re-nominate the person who nominated you.

Question Time !!!

1. What is that one thing that you have always held on to and plan to hold on to for your entire life? (It can be a quality or a material or anything, no parents, relatives, brothers and partners please)

In this deep corner of my heart, I believe that I am very determined and positive that I can achieve my goals. So far things have been like that and I hope they remain so 😉

2. Have you ever fancied travelling alone to a distant unknown place?

Yup. This might seem weird but after watching The Chronicles of Narnia , there had been many times where I with high optimism opened my wardrobe and hoped I would run into Mr.Tumnus .

3. Which is your favorite sport? Have you ever played that sport in school/college/or with friends? If you haven’t played any, why?

I really enjoy Football. I have had some comical matches with my friends and in one way or another I manage to get myself hurt. ;P

4. What do you feel when you are in an airplane and when it takes off with a nice pull?

I will literally, like LITERALLY be the most paranoid person on the plane when that moment comes where the pilot decides to give my adrenaline a shiver :/ . Lately, I have found a trick to snap myself out of that “feel” by reading books .

5. Which is your favorite holiday destination or which place do you wish to visit in future?

I personally would like to spend my whole life going to different places, getting to different people, eating differ cuisines ( the eating part is the main reason 😛 ) .

6. Name one thing that you hate about yourself and you want to change?

I seriously hate how at times I say things I’m not supposed to say. It’s not necessarily bad things, but it’s actually things I should not even talk about and *snap* I let it slip off my mouth and I would then start to feel like the worst person in the world.

7. If a stranger (man/lady) comes over and starts talking to you, tries to have a conversation with you, what would your initial reactions be? Welcoming/panic/avoiding? (Irrespective of your marital status)

Being someone who likes to interact with people , I mostly think I would be welcoming!!! Also, I would like to boast about the fact that I am pretty good at reading people’s behaviour , so I think I would mostly find out if their intentions are wrong.

8. What is/was your favorite Cartoon Network show? Would you mind watching it today?

I don’t know if this is my MOST favourite cartoon, but as the word Cartoon Network floats around my ears the only show which comes into my mind is Johnny Bravo. I am someone who would even watch a rhymes video with the same enthusiasm as a 2 year old, so why not?! 😉

9. How do you perceive new generation banking systems like credit cards, gold loans and other cash availing facilities? Do you see it as a threat or a boon? Why?

Seriously, I don’t think I have any experience with the above listed things, but I sure can say that if people in plight are helped then it is something to be encouraged

10. Out of all your posts, if I insist you to select the best one, Which one would that be? ( I really insist that you select one)

” We could be best friends , you know “, is my first poem in here, and to be honest it might not be the greatest piece if poetry you have read , but it is very close to my heart!!!

11. Who was your favorite school/college teacher? Which subject did he/she teach? What quality of his/her, made you like him/her?

I seriously owe a lot to my KG class teacher as it was her who made me realize that school isn’t bad after all!!! 😀

11 Random Facts

1. I was born a lefty , but magically I shifted to my right hand when I was doing my 1st std.

2. I hate it when I realise that another person has decided to put the same outfit as me and is standing anywhere near me and making us look like freaking twins !!!

3. I secretly love to dance, although I am terrible at it.

4. I am a full time radio jockey……. inside my bathroom. 😉

5. I am a decent designer.

6. I feel really awkward and mocked at when people clap for me or appreciate me.

7. I can’t even lift a cricket bat properly, in my world it’s the heaviest thing ever made :/

8. When alone at house, I dress up like some character and start acting like them.

9. I am a trained singer. I have been told by my masters that I have a very high pitch , equal to that of a male timber.

10. I am terrible, like terrible at running. One second I’ll be running and the next second I’ll be kissing the floor *awkward*

11. I seriously have no idea what to write as my 11th fact :/

Now, time to spread love!!! Here are the people who I chose to nominate

1. Indian Humor – Humor is redefined by her!!!

2. AdiC – Her writings will leave you mesmerised!

3.  Shivani – Her photographic skills are the best 🙂

4. Godless Cranium – His humor in a very weird way gets me laughing for what seems like ever 😀

5. Kavya – She has remained one of my closest buddies!!!

My Questions for Y’all !!!!

1. Have you ever done something you weren’t sure you could do? Are you happy now that you did it ?

2. What role does music play in your life?

3. If you could change this entire world, how would it be? Is there room for bad in it?

4. When was the time you have almost lost all your senses , because you couldn’t control you excitement?

5. Are you a people person?

6. If you could become a disney character who would it be and why?

7. Is the world going in the right direction ?

8. Your take on celebrities.

9. One quality of yours  you would like to throw inside the trash can!!!

10. Coffee , Tea or Selfie ? 😉

11. If you could get the chance to save a life or end a life, what would you chose and who would it be?

Take care

From the not so-


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10 thoughts on “Liebster Award | Purrfectgirl

  1. Hello Perfect girl,

    That’s some insight to your life and I did get couple of new blogs to read.

    You are a designer, I thought you would be in college 😛 My bad.

    1. Glad I could introduce you to some awesome blogs!

      By the way… I am a school student… Doing my 10th std 😀 . I just have a passion for designing , nothing on a massive scale… Just home production 😛

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