Things that run through every girl’s mind.


No matter how quite a girl appears on the outside, I tell you that in her thoughts she has already reached the moon. Ladies and gentlemen get ready cause I am gonna br-br-break down the things that run through every girl’s mind.

  1. OMG! She needs a stylist
  2. I wonder if he really likes me
  3. What if he is still behind his ex?
  4. I so need to change my nail polish.
  5. I have nothing to wear.
  6. I promise on myself I am not going to eat junk from now on.
  7. When will he shut ?
  8. Okay, I am gonna act casual.
  9. I’ll answer that with a smile, that’s more than enough for him.
  10. Wait. I have to remind someone about something. What was it?
  11. OMG she is beautiful!!! Shall I turn lesbian ?
  12. Wait am I a lesbian ? Nah, I still like Johnny Depp.
  13. Lord! Why can he just marry me?
  14. Ah, cute boy. Darn, a girl next to him.
  15. Okay, seriously this person needs to stop.
  16. I need to go to the loo. Nah, I’ll chat for a while more.
  17. Why are gay guys so cute ? That’s unfair.
  18. That chocolate cake doh !
  19. I need that dressbut l him ask me first.
  20. Okay, I am not boasting but, damn I am pretty.

Yeah, the above list comes from life experience .

Take care

From the not so-


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