Shit we go through while chatting…



There is just something about chatting with friends that is so much more interesting than talking to them ( in person or on phone ). You know right after the time you click send and till the time you get their reply. Well, I am gonna skilfully like a fairy ( sorry fairy community ) write down the phases we go through while chatting .

  1. Ahh , I wanna chat with someone. Let me check if they are online.
  2. She is online.
  3. Wait then why didn’t she message me.
  4. Did I say something wrong to her yesterday?
  5. I don’t think so.
  6. Should I text her.
  7. No, I need to play it cool.
  8. Not that I am desperate to speak to her.
  9. Oh god! I wanna tell her something very badly.
  10. Fine, let me drop hints.
  11. I know, I’ll message her something and tell her it was meant for someone else.
  12. No that seems too obvious.
  13. I think I need to send a hi.
  14. But why should I ?
  15. Fine let me be the greater person
  16. H. U. *Send*
  17. WHAT?!!!! Why did I send “Hu” instead of “HI”.
  18. Shit.
  19. Now she’ll think I don’t know to type.
  20. What shall I do.
  21. Oh god she is typing.
  22. Here it is, wait why did she send me a ๐Ÿ™‚ smiley ?
  23. She is filled with attitude.
  24. If she thought I don’t know to spell, she could have shut her mouth. Why the hell did she send a smiley?
  25. She is typing again.
  26. ย Why is she taking so long to type.
  27. Oh god, I think she is typing all swear words in one go.
  28. What shall I do?
  29. Ah
  30. I know!
  31. * logs off *

Take care

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