My Take on : Kaththi Release Controversy


Disclaimer: I live in a democratic country and I chose to express my opinion, in my blog. Respect the Freedom.

This post would be completely irrelevant to many non-Indians or as a matter of fact many non- Tamilians, so it is completely understandable if u think of me as a retard talking about this issue. So what is the issue ? Let me br-br-break it down for you people.

Kaththi, is a big budget Tamil film starring Vijay, Samantha, Niel Nitin Mukesh and many more veteran actors. So what is the ‘big’ issue over here? Political organisation over here in the state have raised an objection over the release of the film on Diwali ( 22th October ‘ 2014 ) . Why? Because, the producer is a Sri Lankan, and things are not very beautiful between the Tamilians and Sri Lankans… So it lead to all the protest and stuffs.

Now, begins my rant. So , just because the production house is from Sri Lanka , you decided to ban a highly anticipated movie ? Why don’t you people give a chance is all I am asking. Not every Sri Lankan is against Tamils, just like not every Pakistani is against India. You ‘so -called’ political organisation need to pull your senses together, cause you are here to spread unity and not separate people. Who knows, this film could have been the bridge to a beautiful relationship between Sri Lankans and Tamilians, but no you seem to have your own way?

I know that you are not that stupid to ban a movie on these baseless reasons. The whole state knows why you wanted to ban this movie… shall I open the curtains ? It is because it is a Vijay movie, and you seem to be really ticked off with Vijay for a very long time. You built up a cheap tantrum even during his movie “Thalaiva” , just why? Did you forget who you are?

I personally ย think that Kaththi team had no what so ever intention to put down anyone or join alliance with anyone. The only thing they wanted to do was make a good film. When I went to Kaththi Audio Launch , the whole team was so genuine and Vijay himself said, this movie is not to support any particular people nor put down any specific people, but this movie is for the people, I really felt what they went through. They just knew this would happen, they knew the government would oppose this film but still remained hopeful because the support this film is getting from the fans is so huge they knew that they ‘will’ swim against this tide .

My support is with the whole team of Kaththi and I know this film is gonna soar high !!!

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3 thoughts on “My Take on : Kaththi Release Controversy

    1. Hehe!! Like seriously , Politicians always do the right thing , said no one ever !!!

      Just to update you, theatres in Tamil Nadu which had almost agreed to screen ‘Kaththi’ , had got vandalised by a lead political party’s members yesterday night… So much for a good movie to release !!!

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