I swear on the Nuetella bottle next to me, for the past whatsoever minutes I have been constantly writing something and then deleting it. Why? Cause my snail speed cannot come up with any ( creative ) ideas for a blog post. How amazing !!!

I had mentally ( cause I’m a mental ) prepared myself to write a post today , and now I am stuck here. This is the last thing any blogger wants. Just like yesterday night I had thought of so many ideas, but just as crazy as I am, it was so typical that when I got up I remembered none of them…
But the thing is , I learnt some valuable diamond piece of lessons.

  • If I get an idea, I need to jot it down somewhere, cause I freaking wasn’t born with Hyperthymesia ( Yes, I googled that term like 5 seconds back. )
  • I need to try getting outside my house. You know , eating and sleeping doesn’t neccessarily help someone who is trying to blog.
  • I need to “ON” the switch to my brain ( But the thing is, I doubt if I even have a brain ) .

For now, I’m gonna go and come up with a nice post. Sigh. But strangely I am loving this phase of trying to come up with something to make you guys laugh and also think about!!!

Take Care

From the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

6 thoughts on “MY BRAIN STOPPED WORKING !!!

    1. Guess what, the movie that had “offended” the government, has broken records and had the biggest opening for a Tamil Film worldwide, Endhiran ( A Rajinikanth film, previously held this record ) . 😀

      1. Sorry Anoop, for the very very late reply, I wasn’t active on wordpress for the past 15 something days 😦 .

        Yes, I watched Kaththi, not once but three times!!! Brilliant movie with an excellent social message !

    1. I can completely find myself in that situation… Sigh… I guess I need to start tattooing the ideas on my body… But that too only until I forget how to read…. I am quite insane, anything can happen !!! 😛

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