50 Thoughts I go through while writing a post !!!



This post officially marks my 100th post here on WordPress, and I don’t know about other bloggers but when it comes to blogging I am a confused piece of shit. I need to go through my post for like a billion time thanks to my amazing typing and grammar skills combined!!! So here are my thoughts summarised into 50 points , that always ( ALWAYS. ) ride into me while writing a post !

  1. Alrighty ! What shall I post about ?
  2. Maybe that … Nah.. Too mainstream.
  3. Oh okay I know… But wait , that blogger posted similar to that last week. I don’t want to be called ” lacking originality”.
  4. Wait, is that Nuetella lying on the table ? Maybe if I have some, I’ll come up with a nice post.
  5. Wow, this Nutella tastes amazing.
  6. I think I need some rest.
  7. I think watching TV will give me some inspiration.
  8. I’ll search Pinterest.
  9. Wait, first let me check what else is there. Omg , these tumblr girls are too good to be true.
  10. I love her shoes.
  11. I think I might find these shoes at that shop I went alone, as no one likes to accompany me.
  12. Omg , I am so lonely.
  13. Okay , I need to concentrate .
  14. What was I doing ?
  15. Oh yeah, I was gonna post something.
  16. Sooooooooooooo.
  17. Chocolate seems like a good thing to eat now.
  18. Wait, before that I’ll check if he’s online.
  19. OMG, he is. Then why didn’t he message me ?
  20. Maybe I should write a post on how stupid boys are, and I’ll indirectly pinpoint all the donkeys in my life !!!
  21. No, what if the boys community sue me ?
  22. Ahh, I don’t fancy the idea of being in a jail.
  23. I wonder how jail smells.
  24. Maybe a selfie would cure my stress.
  25. Where’s my phone.
  26. Oh, I am holding it!
  27. Okay then , ready.. Pout .. *click*
  28. OMG, I look like a drunken walrus.
  29. I need to stop being so insecure.
  30. Okay fine.
  31. Serious business time.
  32. Ah , it’s boring.
  33. I was supposed to do something…
  34. Ah, yes. Eat chocolate.
  35. Now, let me seriously think.
  36. * seriously thinking *
  37. Okay fine , let me write about poop !!!
  38. Wow, what a brilliant topic.
  39. People are gonna love it.
  40. *writes the most irrelevant and disgusting post on Poop*
  41. Okay then, let me read it.
  42. Shit, how many spelling mistakes do I have. Stupid auto-correct!
  43. Omg God, can’t this damn auto-correct change anything for me ?
  44. Ahhh, this is the 100000th time I am reading this post.
  45. Get lost, I may no longer read this again, as each time I read it a new mistake pops up.
  46. Now, what shall I tag this post with.
  47. * Writes the same set of tags , although it might be completely irrelevant to the post *
  48. Where is the publish button …… There it is .. * PUBLISH *
  49. Mission accomplished.
  50. Where’s my chocolate now.

Take care

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