I Can Never Take A Perfect Selfie !!!



So, I was just surfing through my photos and noticed how many useless selfies I have taken. The worst part is , I realised not even one was worth admiring for even a mere 10 seconds. Is it just me, or does your okay looking face suddenly turns shit-ish when you click a selfie ? Like I swear, I get ready and look at myself in the mirror and think ” Quite good. ” , and I run to my phone to click selfie and boom. That selfie looks like a piece of treasure that NatGeo channel will use a thousand years later to show how a retarded pig looked like.

Making my angles look perfect in a selfie is as impossible as finding a piece of sense in the ” Anaconda ” video ! I might come across as some depressed and self obsessed teenager now, but hey! I ain’t tell no lie. This is indeed one big shitty truth that happens to me every time, and when I decide that I shall no longer take selfies, I find another million reasons to take one.

Then I go one Pinterest and see all these selfies and my urge to try out those poses is more than my fantasy to check whether Penguins have knees or not ( by the way, while writing that line I got distracted and went and checked the net. Apparently penguins do have knees… KNOWLEDGE. ) . I agree this is not the world problem no.1 and stuff. But I just want to know why any camera that I possess hates me so much.

Then I go google ” Ways to take a perfect selfie ” , and most people are like ” Get your angles right. “, and that is an extinct fact for me and then people say, ” Get the perfect lighting. “, and to be honest I always find the best lighting inside a bathroom for some reason and I am not that comfortable posting selfies taken from bathroom mirror :/ . I have come to this point where I no longer expect the perfect selfies , that shit doesn’t just happen in my life !

Let’s face it we are all good at doing different things in life and taking a “good” selfie isn’t just my thing ( although, I will continue taking my below average selfies. ), for example I am talented at writing a four paragraph shit on my selfie taking ability ! Now is that talent or what ?!

Take Care

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9 thoughts on “I Can Never Take A Perfect Selfie !!!

  1. Haha well written. Trust me girl, even I struggle to take a purrrrfect selfie šŸ˜‰ lots of points I can agree with you. I get furious when Google tells me to get the angle correct. Goddamn! And yes, bathroom lights are the best. I enjoyed reading your post. Happy blogging! Stay blessed.

    1. HeyLo there ! Really glad you liked the post šŸ˜€ . This selfie buisness is really hard to understand. I am here trying to get the best angle as “they” say and Kim Kardashians has already posted a bizzillion selfies with her flattering plastic angles ….. Sigh…..

      šŸ˜‰ Once again , glad you liked the post and could relate to it !!!
      Cheers !

  2. Same omg. I can never take a selfie. I look so different in real life and in photographs. But if it makes you feel better, those perfect selfies that you see usually requires 30 mins or so including editing (maybe even more tbh). Have a great day!

    1. I know right? It seems like my selfie magically photoshops my face into a paranoid monkey !!! Sigh….. :/

      Of course, the world knows how many filters are hiding behind those #nofilter selfies ;P . There are times even when I sit to edit my monkey portrait ( a.k.a my selfies ) and save it and realize that there is this huge mistake , which I don’t know how the heck I ignored in the first place. Then I sit and whine like a walrus , and start over again…

    1. * with a serious face * Indeed Mr.Anoop. This needs to be addressed quickly. You may proceed on and call the soldiers . It’s time we take down the kingdom of Front Cameras… It is time…..

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