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The topic I am about to express my views about now is something every Indian would agree to be one of the worst problems of our times. Just like every country, India too has its share of problems. One of which is sanitation and hygiene- both of which play a crucial role in the public as well as in the personal life of an individual.

India is now taking rapid measure to make this problem of remote past. As sanitation and hygiene is something which adversely affects an individual’s health. When your surrounding is unhygienic, it directly or indirectly affects you. So, it is legitimately our duty to take steps against this issue.

The government is doing its part by introducing innovative measures and movements. So, it is now our turn to turn these measures into a successful one.

I am not asking you to go and sweep the whole country, all I am trying to put forward is that you could do your part by keeping at least your locality clean, and if every single Indian does this then India will soon be the most cleanest place in the world.

So it is all a matter of individual effort. You want a cleaner India ? Then it is you who should take the step in achieving your wish. Just by sitting and whining won’t help you much. Get up and do something to make it happen. Even the little effort you put from your side could lead to a big and successful outcome !

Some of you might ask, ” India isn’t that bad now. Then why bother about it’s cleanliness and stuff ? “, well you are wrong. India is our home, and no one would wish a garbage for their home would they ? Building public toilets; cleaning the parks and roads; keeping the locality sanitised would lead to not only a better looking India , but also all the skin and air borne diseases that we Indians are trying to fight against will drastically become low.

Sanitation and hygiene would also solve another problem that most parts of India faces- clean drinking water. So a little help from your side could help millions of souls in India who haven’t even seen a cup of clean drinking water !!! Just think about it , would rather want to lie on your death bed thinking about all the tasty ice creams you treated yourself with or feel happy that you played a part in making your country a better and healthier place to live in ?

It’s a simple act of care towards your country that could make a huge difference. Who know seeing you many others get inspired to do the same ?! One could become ten , ten could become a hundred , and a hundred could become thousand and so !!!

One of the most ambitious programs launched in the recent times was the one by RB (formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser) partnered along with NDTV and Facebook- ” Dettol – Banega Swacch India “. The RB has committed to spend a sum of Rs. 100 crores towards this program over a period of the next five years. You could play your bit in their initiative through participating in some of their campaigns, about which you can find more about here –

I have raised my stand for this issue, now it is your turn. Do your bit and inspire millions.

Express your view on this issue with the hashtag #swachhindia . The more the people are aware of this issue the more hands that join to make India a more healthier and hygienic place to live in !!!

Take care

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