My Wishlist + UPDATE !!!



Wish list, Wish List , Wish List everywhere. With Christmas and New year coming, putting a big bright green tick mark on your Wish List is the happiest thing that could happen !!!

So, I thought it would be perfect to blog about my Wish list, as… Ahem… Ahem… Any loved one who reads this might… *cough* think about buying some of the following items for me… maybe… No pressure ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. Tommy Hilfiger: This watch is just too good to not to buy
  2. Laced Boots : I have three boots as of now, but I don’t know why I have a sudden profound love for boots and all I want is more boots
  3. Ray Ban Sunglasses : I have a Fasttrack one now, but Ray Ban glasses just make things look more well put.
  4. Bows: I have been on this lifelong quest of finding a good bow selling shop in India, Chennai , but I just can’t get hold of one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  5. The Boss Cap: Who doesn’t love to flaunt a SnapBack Cap ?
  6. Grace’s Guide Book : I love this girl. I need this book. I’ll get this book. End of story.
  7. Denim Dress: I have been on a quest for this too but I didn’t come across any that I like. I just think Denim dress is a must have and my wardrobe lacks it …
  8. Spikey Jacket: I want this so badly….
  9. Let It Snow: I think this will be my Christmas book this year !
  10. Sea View Bedroom: Can things get better than this ?
  11. To Meet the SacconeJolys: I just wanna meet them and say how much they mean to my life !
  12. Pizza Bed: Enough said.
  13. Etsy Jewelleries : Etsy just makes me crave for more
  14. Happiness and love : I could trade the entire list for get a lifelong supply of this one

I guess I’ll end my cray-cray list here !!!


If you have been following my blog then you can notice some subtle changes here and there. I would love to know your views in the comments below !
Plus, I was thinking of jazzing it up a little for Christmas this time on Purrfectgirl. So get ready for some exciting new stuffs which are about to come your way !!

Take care

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