Be true, be you.


One lie is enough to question all truths.

Every single soul in this world has lied, sometime or the other. The reasons that make us lie are endless. Lie is like a mask of words. It overshadows the truth, and slowly proliferates and bubbles into many more lies. But how long ? How long can we hide ourself with this blanket filled with lies ? Even if we do manage to hide ourselves, will we be truly happy ?

Lies can only offer us momentary peacefulness. But soon, that lie can lead you to the darkest of corners… Where as truth, it might be sour or disturbing. But with time, you will realise the relief you feel in yourself after saying the truth !

I have told many lies and I accept it. The reason I lied ? Well, I thought people won’t accept the choices I make. But I proved myself wrong when I finally told my family about this blog… Yes, this blog was a MASSIVE secret I was holding from my family. But few days back, I just couldn’t hold it in. The lie began to sting within… Then one day the truth came out… My family, took it like a piece of cake. Yes, they were sad and hurt , but not by the fact I opened a blog, but by the fact I didn’t believe them… Now, I feel lighter. The pain inside me is now healed. And it was all because, I told the truth.

Remember, a lie could seem like a better option now. In fact, it might seem like the only option now. But later down the lane you will realise it was never really the option. It was just another trouble you were buying yourself…

Some of you might be like, ” My lie could comfort someone. “, but you are wrong. A comfort given by a lie cannot last forever… But the piece of reality you give someone by telling the truth, could positively change someone’s ( could be yours too ๐Ÿ™‚ ) life !

If you think you could escape your act by telling a lie, then you are wrong. Time always discovers truth…

Kinley’s new advertisement, brings out an amazingly soulful message of how telling the truth could leave you with so much peace and satisfaction !

Keep telling the truth…

Take care

From the not so-


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