How To Fit In.



Here are some enthralling steps on how to fit into the perfect plastic society !

1. Put your true self into the dustbin. We need to get rid of all your jazz.
2. Start worshipping the plastic dolls in human forms.
3. You definitely have to have the perfect body. So, either work it out or choose the plastic route.
4. If you are anywhere near not looking like the next supermodel, then you better get things done… Those tight jeans ain’t getting you anywhere.
5. Of course, you need to have the best social circle. So, dump your dorky friends ( they ain’t getting you popular ) and join the ” We are so fabulous for words ( and clothes) ” group , cause that group is gonna get you to places ( which they get to decide ).
6. Make sure you have all the new gadgets, clothes, perfumes, magazines and all that jazz.
7. Keep your popular status going only up. Keep that scale rocking the Mount Everest.
8. Don’t talk to lame people. They could threaten your social status.
9. Be artificial. Cause the real you, is a complete no NO.
10. Forget your real happy memories that you got from your “real” life, and opt for the plastic ones.

CONGRATULATIONS, Welcome to the plastic world of plastastic people !

Did I make you realise something ? Did those points seem bad to you ? Did those points freak you out, even though till now all you wanted to do was to fit in ?
Trust me, the world is not so good for you to feel desperate to fit in. Right now, the real one you are staying is the one for you, this is the place you were born to stand out. Be yourself. Don’t harm yourself just to get into the Barbie doll’s world. It might seem pretty from here, but when you do get in , it’s dark, dark my friend. Just dark.

Never lose yourself in this society. You are worth so much, and you need to realise that.

Dedicated to those who starve themselves day night; who get anxiety problems; who get bullied just for being themselves; who are struggling with their true self.

I hope this post could change at least one of your mindset. Don’t scar yourself, just don’t.

And one more thing – Smile.

Take care

From the not so-


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Being 'Weird' is Good. Being 'You' is Awesome.

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