The Dump Castle.


Disclaimer: Loaded with sarcasm.


With Republic Day just around the corner , I thought I would write down what exactly is in the corner…

Where do I start- The freshly aimed banana peel or the half eaten apple a worried mother gave her ever late for office daughter or the paper that once served as a plate for your roadside burger ? Maybe, I need to concentrate on the colourful birthday decoration that had once made someone’s kid feel special, just to make sure the pungent smell of your “nature’s call” doesn’t kill me. — Oh! What’s that ? Plastic ! Ah, the good old plastic is there to adorn too ! And of course, who can ignore the good old Dominos and KFC boxes which you threw with so much elegance, that even Disney Princesses couldn’t match your tenderness ! To top it all is your ” Get A Free Superman Tattoo “ย bubble gum adding that touch of class !

… And what do we see next to the team work you people have put up ? A garbage box. You know, the garbageย box you ignore, as it’s completely useless and is in fact taking away so much of space , that you could have used to create another one of your castle of dumps !

Realised something ? Or you still feel that your dump castle is gonna be used as an inspiration for Elsa’s Kingdom in Frozen 2 ? If you really do have a passion in building castles, then you may very well do so. But these rotten dump castle is doing no good to anyone ( except the rodents :/ ) . With people loosing their voices shouting for change and cleaner India, the least you could do is use the freaking garbageย box !

If you still think India is clean as it is now, then all I can say is — that’s a cute rock you are staying under ! . Times Of India, has even created a whole page for the dump castle that you have made ( No, that is nothing to be proud of ) , just to make sure people see the stinking creativity they are spreading in India.
You may now click here , to see your amazing master piece !

Brilliant , aren’t they ? Brilliantly dangerous. India gave you a gift , by giving you the privileged title of being an Indian. And I don’t really think the dump castle you are building is a flattering return gift.

Now, don’t take this as another “On Your Face” advice post. Instead take it as an awareness, an awareness of what you are doing and what the society is doing. If it isn’t us then who else is going to make India shine away to glory?! The future of India is in our hands, don’t crush it…

It’s time for a change India. A good change. A “clean” change.

Take care

From the not so-


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