Optimism: The way to life.



Optimism leads our way.

To some optimism might seem too heavy of a word and maybe a bit too surreal. But maybe this little story I have for you could change the way you think…

Few years back, we had this little ( not much of a glitzy ) program in my school. It was one of those talent competitions schools put up to encourage their students to dig out their inner passions. One of the competition was called, ” Five minutes to Fame. ” , it was an oratorical competition where they gave you a quote and you had to modify it into a five minutes long speech. I got really attracted to all the jazz it had in it and thought why not ?

So I and my friends went to register our names for the competition and were shocked to find that we will be competing with the seniors. This little information in all angle seemed very unfair to us, I mean how could we beginners be competing with such well skilled orators ? It’s like reading a play school kid a Shakespeare play and expecting it to recite it back. But we didn’t want to back out.

The day of competition came and we were all nervous as one of the judge was a high school teacher, and a slight sense of impartiality seemed before us. I slowly saw people from my class quitting. In the end it came to me and two of my classmates. We had the choice – to quit or to go forward and put our best. We chose the latter.

You know at that time, all three of us had the same feeling – the feel of optimism. Agreed we might not be the best orators of the school at that point of time , we were still very raw to this world of ” speak your passion out “, but we made sure our optimism level was no less than the next person.

The competition got over, and none of us three won the first place ( ouch ! ) , but the following day we were called by the judges of the competition and lauded for our budding talent. That appreciation was more than enough for us to feel like the emperors of the world !

Right now, we have successfully come to the stage of being called – ” Seniors ” and the optimism that had lead us the way back then, is still leading us to a very grand path. We are now three of the most known persons among the school when it comes to oration and public speeches. People know us for our passion and most of all the ” Optimism ” we have in even the darkest of situations.

Just imagine, where we would have been if we didn’t have that optimism in us at that day of the competition ? We would have been among the quitters. We would have been among the crowd.

Be an optimist, see the good in every situation, see the ray of light in every darkness, and soon you will realise life isn’t leading you to a dead end , but to somewhere — where your talents find a place, where your deeds find a place.

Optimism will make you rise each time you hug the floor. Optimism might even as well make you the rainbow of someone’s life.

Optimism isn’t just a word, it’s the road to a propitious life !

This post was inspired by an advertisement which I came across in my newspaper today morning.

imageIt was an advertisement put up by Housing.com . The advertisement was really cheerful to look at and of course the few words of optimism which it had, really put me into thinking. Housing.com, has very well took the right “optimistic” route to draw in audience and also inspire them !
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