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Internet has been linking you and me and all of us. Now, it is time for us to get linked with the Indian Government DIGITALLY.

Digital India, is one of the biggest initiatives taken by the Modi Government ( also known as the Modi Sarkar ). Through this post I shall be elaborately placing my understandings and views on this revolutionary step taken by India.

What is Digital India ?

Digital India, is basically the government where citizens are electronically sufficient and also put use of the digital enhancement of their country. The government’s policies and documents will be available on a larger platform, that is the internet.This also means, less paper and physical work. Thus, making this system an eco-friendly one. This form of government, covers every sector, to make sure everyone can enjoy its advantage.With this initiative, India will be prepared for a future, where its citizens will be technological advanced and aware.

Three Core Components of Digital India.

  1. Digital infrastructure.
  2. Delivering services digitally.
  3. Digital literacy.


Digitalisation of information and making it available on a network which is accessible by the mass, ensures an individual’s participation and they can also influence decision making processes which ultimately affect them. Citizens will no longer be just watching governance take place but can pro-actively take part in government services and decide the types of government services they want and the type of government structure that would best suit them.

Digital India, will also be a pathway to a stronger government-citizen connect, promoting transparency between the latter and the former and also will lead to a decrease in the Indian corruption percentage.

Broadband connectivity will be taken to all villages with the goal of making India a knowledge and innovation-based society. With the completion of the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) Project, it is expected that over 600 million rural citizens in the country will be facilitated to broadband connectivity. NOFN is intended to connect remote villages, provide easy access to health ( tele medicine ) , integrate education and business.

Digital India, is not a scheme which will only help one set of the society. This scheme, is ‘THE‘ scheme for every citizen, irrespective of their social standings. This scheme is going to help every section of the society in a grand manner.


Being a student myself, I can very well see the propitious future waiting ahead for us. India’s Education System is in a dire need for a radical change and Digital India, could very well be the one. Smart Classes are already a reality in India, but now the meter of expectations for a better ecosystem is in an all time high, with the introduction of Digital India scheme.

Not just the urban kids , but even the rural kids will benefit so much from the adaptation of e-education. Lesser book loads and more e-book isn’t only going to make studies interesting but also eco-friendly. Students, will also develop a new profound love for school and studies.The rural kids will now also be equally capable as the urban ones. E-education will be the revolutionary step in the educational sector !


Another one of the biggest advantage we as citizens gained was the introduction of the Beta version of The Digital Locker, by the department of electronics and information technology (DeiTY). This service again is an eco-friendly one , as it minimizes the use of Physical Documents ( as in Paper Documents ) . The government also ensures the authenticity of the documents online.

The citizens will be able to upload their own electronic documents and digitally sign them using the e-sign option. This facility is one of the best things I have heard in the recent times. According to the website , Digital Locker ensures secure uploading and sharing of documents. This security is what the citizens wish for and this security is what they get ! This locker can be used to store- PAN card, passport,housing medical,education details of every Indian in digital format. Citizens now can have a sense of security in their heart as their official documents can be stored in a safe place that too digitally !


It is no BIG surprise, that the IT sector will now relatively enjoy this new ‘DIGITAL INDIA’ more than anyone. The Indian Government is planning to create 100 smart cities in India, and this in no doubt will hike the demand for techies and also increase IT penetration. The job opportunities in this sector will also drastically increase due to its demand. So, employees in IT hardware and telecom sector are going to sure enjoy this new phase of India !


Now, for the rural sector, there are going to be some drastic changes and innovations taking place. We have already discussed about NOFN and about its broad based plans. With broadband services reaching the grass root level, villagers can look forward to a digitally efficient villages. This entire process could also finally connect rural areas to the urban ones. E-governance, e-health, e-education, e-banking, public internet access, etc.,  will finally be making rural areas digitally empowered.


Okay, so all these new reforms are taking place, but what is the use if no one knows how to use them ?

Well, this is where INTEL comes into the scene !  Intel’s initiative called ‘Digital Skills for India‘ aims to empower the locals with relevant digital tools and services. This initiative has laid down the Digital Skills Training Application ( available on Google Playstore ) which is comprised of modules on Digital Literacy, Financial Inclusion, Healthcare and Cleanliness in FIVE Indian languages-  Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Kannada ( also English ). Intel has also come up with an offline training module which will be available in SEVEN Indian languages. This app will definitely up the scale of knowledge regarding digital tools and services in the rural areas. Thus, villagers will be ( digitally ) aware of their rights, and also will be able to ‘use’ all the advantages around them !

That’s not it, Intel has also showcased the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 powered by the Intel Atom Processor. This tablet aims to build a stronger local ecosystem. It is amazing to see how Intel aims to make technology available for the (common) masses.


Over all Digital India is going to create a huge impact undoubtedly. E-governance is going to build a digital bridge creating an interlinked society. It is going to make the Indian government corruption free, as transparency between Government and Citizens increases. Plus, we can never forget how eco-friendly our government is going to become ! No longer do we need to waste our energy going up and down government offices, as every document we need to access will now be available within a click ! E-voting will also serve as one of the greatest advantages born out of this scheme,as it not only solves the problem where voters have to stand in queues for ages, but will also make sure vote rigging is stopped.

But, of course we do need to look at some of the ‘difficulties‘ or ‘short-comings‘ of this entire initiative. First of all , we have the budget. This is a massive project, and investment is going to be a big DEAL … Also, if Digital India does become a full fledged reality, then the officials have to make sure that the system is a safe one and there are authorities taking care of the security of the system.

I would like to conclude now saying that, India is finally going to go through a change, and irrespective of whether it is a small or a massive change, it is going to empower India. Of course, we aren’t going to get the results immediately, but this initiative is going to make the future of India stronger and steadier. At the end of the day it comes to us-the citizens, to use our rights and work out the advantages given by our government and put it to good use, so as to ensure a digitally brighter India.

It’s time for a #DigitalIndia !

take care

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