The Power of Books.



My holidays have started and my Goodreads account is flooded with my to-read list !

After a good two hours of processing my brain, I felt today I will discuss about the Power of Books – in my life. Plus, I am going to suggest some of my favorite books at the end of the post, for you guys to read !

There are things that give immense pleasure to each one of us, for me it is my books.

I started reading ( apart from my school books )  at the age of 7 (or) 8  , when my dad bought me ‘The Bailey School Kids‘ series. Right from then, I have always been crazy about reading books. In every part of my life books had always been there to sail me through difficulties.

I am really possessive when it comes to the books I own. I have this little ( that annoys the hell out of others) habit of NOT giving my books to anyone. You might be my mom, cousin, friend, or even Beyoncé, I will still not give you my book. I have this sentiment that, nobody should experience the things I have experienced through that book. I understand it is annoying but, that is just the way I roll :/

There are books that make us think, there are the ones that make us laugh and then we have the books that make us cry ( I am looking at you, John Green ). With each book I read, the more I am able to understand the world. Not to mention, a book gives us an insight into people’s life and hence we are able to get an idea of different kinds of personalities in this world ( without stalking them on the internet. How awesome is that?! ). There are books that have changed my outlook on life, such is the power of words.

Books engulf us inside them. Once I finish a book, I start to imagine about the characters and their future, I start to think about the book more than ever and finally I whine about the fact that the book got over – this may simply be defined a book hangover.

I feel really lucky that I am part of the crazy reading society, as I feel without these books I wouldn’t have had half of the idea about what is life, as I do now ! Every book that I have read holds dear to me. There isn’t one book on my shelf that I regret buying, as every book has its own speciality.

Go on and treat yourself with a book of your choice or maybe you should read some of my favorite books :-

  • Thirteen Reasons Why ?, by Jay Ashen. – This book is ruling my favorites list for the past one year !
  • Paper Towns , by John Green. – According to me this book is the best John Green book ( Sorry, The Fault In Our Stars fans… ).
  • The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak – I simply admire the author for his astounding plot !.
  • Marshmallow Skye, by Cathy Cassidy –  This book is one of the best Young Adult book I have ever read !
  • Grace’s Guide , by Grace Helbig – Do I even need to comment on THE QUEEN‘s book ?

If you are interested in reading more of my book suggestions or ( even book reviews ), let me know by liking this post !

Take care

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9 thoughts on “The Power of Books.

  1. OMG. I’m a bibliophile myself and I’m so glad (bell rings. Delivering my book mail. 😀 😀 ) that you read too! I’ve read 13 reasons why and cried a river! It deeply affected me and I was feeling so depressed. Paper Towns not yet! What is your current read?? Mine is the Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski .. ^_^

    1. HeyLo Sharu !

      ’13 reasons why’ , is just way too deep and I couldn’t get myself to snap out of the book for so many days ! You must definitely read ‘Paper Towns’ , it is a book with a deep and wonderful message !
      I just read ‘ An Abundance of Katherines ‘ ( which also means I have successfully completed reading all the John Green books written till date 🙂 ) , next up I am going to read ‘Before I go’ , ‘Beastly’ and ‘Love and other Perishable Things’ 😀

  2. Believe me or not, I have post in my draft about how I developed by love for reading. I’m waiting to post in tomorrow after day one of April Challenge. 😀

  3. Even I dont like sharing my books…The books I own are like my own little secret or something and if anybody takes them from me, I feel like the person is trying to enter my own little space!

    And I absolutely lovvveeedd the book -13 reasons why!
    Its completely different from what i usually read…But its just so intense!
    I could never imagine to think about something like this…
    So we are twinning over 13 Reasons Why !
    Much love,

    1. HeyLo Dreamwanderer1 ,

      Glad I found someone who shares similar thoughts 😀 ! Books are just something very personal and we can’t just share them to anyone, right ?! 😉

      And 13 reasons why ? was truly an unique book. After I finished it. I had this new kind of emotion which I never felt for any other book… This book has a long lasting effect !

      Once again, thanks for the comment and follow !

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