My Music Taste.


A little bit of music here and there and there and there, is necessary for a good life.

DISCLAIMER : This post isn’t sponsored by any of the following mentioned artists/ bands/ composers. Although I wish it was.

Who doesn’t like some music to go with a long lonely day? If you are one of those grumpy kids in the room who say, ” Oh, I don’t like music. ” , then I suggest you better stay here and read on, cause I might just change your life!

Music, to me isn’t just something to download and hear. It is something that has to be felt. Not every song can affect every person, but every person has a song that affects them.

I am a huge music addict. There is just something about music that makes it more comforting than humans. You will always have your favorite song with you even if the world slams the door on you (ouch!). You can always hit the repeat button and experience the whole magic again. You can always sing along and the song won’t judge your voice. You can always be yourself around your favorite music.

I learned the Keyboard for nine years (concentrate on the tense, dear reader.), I took vocal classes for (again) nine years. Now, coming to think of it, I am no prodigy in either one of them. Although I still can (and will) boast about the fact that I have an exceptionally high pitched voice (Ariana Grande , be scared.).

Now, coming to the part where I suggest you things and hope that you all check it out. (But seriously, you need to check them out, else you are missing out on some really good stuffs in life. )

Here are some of my favorite artists/ bands/ composers (Whew!) and my favorite song of theirs! Make sure you check them out! *wink* *wink*
NOTE: I skillfully built a fence around myself so I don’t go crazy with all the link sharing.


Anirudh Ravichander:

Troye Sivan:

Miley Cyrus ( I know , I know… But still her songs are amazing. ):

A. R. Rahman :

Lindsey Stirling :

OneRepublic :

Oh, I am not over yet. We all have heard the aphorism ‘Music has no language‘, well guess what?! I have two such songs  which I am completely addicted to (at the moment), although I have no whatsoever idea about what they are singing. Here are the two songs.

Papaoutai–  ( French?! I am not even sure )

Selfie Bomma – ( Telugu. Also, I evidently like this song more than its Tamil version. )

Let me know, who your favorite artist or song is , and I will be sure to check them out! Leave a like, if you enjoy reading these kinds of posts, so I can work on more! 

Take care

From the not so-


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